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Inventory Your Online and Paper Files The first step is to take stock of what you know you have and search for anything you can't locate or could have forgotten.

Depending on your age and how complicated your life has been, you could have anywhere from five to 15 or more accounts scattered around.

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If you took any type of distribution, there should be a copy of form 1099-R listing the custodian and account number.Moving also means that plan custodians may no longer have your current address.Below are some ways to find lost or misplaced assets. The easiest way to find lost IRAs or other retirement-plan accounts is to locate the plan's custodian and make a telephone or online inquiry.Include names, values, custodians, carriers, account and policy numbers, and contact information for all the people and/or institutions who hold these items.Locate Lost Assets You may not remember everything you have – or find that you have lost the records over the years, especially if you've moved a lot.

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