Dating after mastectomy

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But this topic is not a fleeting celebrity story, and the choice to have parts of one's body removed can't be taken lightly or treated flippantly — it's a choice that should be thoroughly digested by anyone who needs to consider this, and one that must to be treated with respect by the general public.

I want to make sure that with this raised awareness comes knowledge and honest conversation.

I am an anxiety-prone and action-oriented person, and when my doctors and genetic counselors relayed to me that having a double mastectomy was their ultimate recommendation, and the way to decrease my risk most dramatically, I knew it was the right decision for me.

But people need to know that there are no appealing options here.

You need to be ready to give your life over to this for a while.

When choosing your doctors (both a breast surgeon to conduct the mastectomy and a plastic surgeon to work with you throughout the reconstruction process), it's extremely important that you feel completely comfortable with these people.

I tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation, also known as the breast cancer gene, in the spring of 2010, when I was 27.

I was tested after my parents decided to share the news with me that my father was a carrier — he had been tested because his mother and her two sisters were all diagnosed with breast cancer in their early 30s.

That said, it is important to understand that every case, and every person's body, is its own.His two sisters passed away in their 30s, and my paternal grandmother died in her 40s.As a BRCA1 carrier, I was at a huge risk of facing breast and ovarian cancer myself.I underwent a nipple-sparing bilateral double mastectomy, with tissue expanders placed during surgery.Then, over multiple months, my tissue expanders were filled between 25CCs and 100CCs of saline at a time in order to eventually reach 525 CCs, which is the size of my implants.

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It means seeing what your life will be as a cancer patient if it comes to that.

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