Direct sex talks chats females

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Direct sex talks chats females

She describes how the Victorian belief that there was a direct link between womb and brain meant they thought women could slip into insanity during the menopause — thus overt signs of sexuality in older females could see them thrust into asylums.

One of the problems for menopausal women in this country is that our medical culture doesn’t tend to prioritise women’s sexual health.

I don’t know a single British woman who regularly sees a gynaecologist, yet I don’t know a single American woman who does not. One single friend of mine moved to Paris when she was 50 and reported that her new Parisian doctor behaved as if it was her life’s mission to get her dating again.

She was prescribed hormonal creams, lubricants and pelvic-floor exercises.

and all the single ladies go wild and (obediently) put their hands up? Up till him, I had been the resolutely single girl friend, the one with all the flings, the one night stands and the all-nighters.

Among my own acquaintance, some women have found that acupuncture helped them through the menopause, and others found yoga was a godsend.All of which restored my friend’s sexual confidence and within a year she was dating a man 15 years younger and having the time of her life.Back in Blighty, most women shuffle off to see their GPs and, like you, often don’t get offered too much beyond HRT and antidepressants.You must ensure that your husband is part of the solution, helping you discover your confidence, sense of self and fragile desire.The happy news is that most women report that the menopause is only a small blip on their erotic journey, ‘rather like running through nettles to get to the green field’, says one 60-year-old friend.

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Indeed, any form of regular exercise will help with depression and mood swings and should help promote the kind of fitness and flexibility that is essential for a good sex life in older age.