Funny movie quotes online dating dating websites like zoosk

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Funny movie quotes online dating

The man's last wish is to meet her fiance, but problems arise when the ...See full summary » A "Romeo and Juliet"-inspired Cold War satire starring, written and directed by Peter Ustinov.Greer Goodman (in her first screen role) is an admirable foil as Syd, the woman who cuts through Dex's smokescreen and smashes his carefully cloistered world.If you've grown tired of all that Hollywood has to offer, or more appropriately, what it fails to deliver, this may be the movie for you.A tiny but otherwise inconsequential and powerless European country called Concordia holds the...See full summary » Joan Howell, a young and pretty maid-for-hire, meets and begins dating wealthy New York City businessman Tom Milford.

By adopting a calculated aloofness (not to be confused with jerks - we'll ignore the whole "Bad Boy Syndrome" discussion) they engender mystery and curiosity.

Plus, Syd remembers something important that Dex has forgotten. Why women gravitate towards these men is no big mystery. Dex doesn't even cut it as "the average guy": an overweight, unkempt slacker, he teaches kindergarten, thinks pot is the breakfast of champions, spouts Taoist philosophy and sleeps around enough to be a mattress tester. Rarer still is finding one that approaches the subject from a male's perspective that isn't steeped in machismo and reeking of testosterone.

Can a cool smart guy, 50 pounds overweight, find his bliss? His life creed is based upon the Steves: Austin, Mc Garret, Mc Queen men who epitomized cool, weren't afraid to get roughed up, never pursued women and for whom things always worked out. Almost unheard of is to find the selfsame movie with a hilarious comedic tilt.

OK, so we in the 21st century don't judge Sandra Dee's movies too kindly, as she usually played some nubile woman existing only to be cute, and we don't consider it particularly PC.

The truth is, most of the teen flicks of the past 25 years haven't been much different, and I for one find "That Funny Feeling" more interesting than many of the teen flicks from my lifetime.

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Obviously, given that during the '60s, we started seeing movies like "Dr.

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