Issues arise concerned with consilidating groups

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Monitoring is a crucial part of maintaining quality-of-service targets.Common scenarios for collecting monitoring data include: Note This list is not intended to be comprehensive.System health can be highlighted through a traffic-light system: A comprehensive health-monitoring system enables an operator to drill down through the system to view the health status of subsystems and components.

In a production environment, it's important to be able to track the way in which users utilize your system, trace resource utilization, and generally monitor the health and performance of your system.Many of these factors might be specific to the application, system, and environment.An effective monitoring system captures the availability data that corresponds to these low-level factors and then aggregates them to give an overall picture of the system.Availability monitoring is closely related to health monitoring.But whereas health monitoring provides an immediate view of the current health of the system, availability monitoring is concerned with tracking the availability of the system and its components to generate statistics about the uptime of the system.

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But it might be useful to allow the system to raise an alert for the number of connectivity failures to a specified subsystem that occur during a specific period.

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