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Saturday night live dating game skit

Baldwin replaced Darrell Hammond as the man to play Trump, and his act quickly went viral.All the best game show parodies of Saturday Night Live come together in this video that features such hilarious game shows as Old French Whore, Sucker Punches, Jeopardy 1999!Prefaced by a Ted Cruz-as-Pizza Rat joke, Jost lays in on the Republican nominee for his “New York values” comments, followed by Che, who wonders about every candidate’s insistence on taking the subway as if New Yorkers love it.The great jokes delivered by both Update hosts also stand in stark contrast to the show’s ho-hum cold open, which made some similar commentary but with much less bite, despite Kate Mc Kinnon’s unbridled energy as Hillary Clinton.

“I feel like we’re the only people alive,” said Cena.While the sketch itself unfortunately never quite lands, Thompson’s coughing fit becomes an unintentionally hilarious cap on a disappointing night that still saw Thompson jump with glee into every role asked of him.Musical Moment Margo Price’s two musical performances delivered brief respites of sunshine in an otherwise often cloudy night.Crowe appeared briefly throughout the rest of the night in roles that unfortunately tasked him with little in the way of actual jokes.He played a creepy Russian mobster with an un-Russian accent, the creepy uncle’s friend to a reality competition contestant, and…

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I also liked the line about the prize Dial a Blank Electro-Shock Kit - "So effective, you won't remember you own one".