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One leader of the camp movement complained in the 1930s that “Every activity we can find to fit into the daily program is put in, but there is a notable lack of camping—living out in the open—the very thing that gave the movement its birth.” While some camp advocates bristled at the growth of civilized pursuits at camps, others began to construct a new vision of their purpose.Rather than retreats from civilization into nature, camps might be tiny societies of their own.In the 1870s and 1880s, the first summer camps promised boys a chance to escape increasingly urban modern life.Roughing it would build character, and, as one early camp founder put it, save humanity from “dying of indoor-ness.” Hall argued that child development imitates the historical formation of civilized society.Children would learn to balance the needs of individuals and the group, and to be helpful citizens.Smith writes that World War II highlighted the difficulty of making camps into either a pastoral Eden or a civilized utopia.The secluded ranch in the Sam Houston National Forest is now under scrutiny as several former gymnasts have come forward to allege that former team doctor Larry Nassar sexually abused them on the property.

Camps even made adolescent fitness for combat a priority in their recreation programs.Children, therefore, should spend time in nature, “in this wild undomesticated stage from which modern conditions have kidnapped him.” They should learn to build fires and shelters like the pre-civilized people they were.Summer camps flourished in the years that followed.The duo — who defected from Romania in 1981 — have coached legends from Mary Lou Retton to Kerri Strug, and Martha oversaw both the 20 gold-medal winning teams.Young gymnasts dreaming of Olympic gold knew there was only one place to go if they wanted to earn their place on the Olympic team: Karolyis Camp.

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